Does Sand from Stone Need Be Washed? What Are Green Sand Washing Equipment?

2022/04/23 14:52:08Hongxing machinery

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Does artificial sand by stone need washing?

Sand made of stone is manufactured sand. As is known to all, the production of manufactured sand needs multiple processes, during which it is inevitable to produce dust. In addition, some stones may contain impurities such as soil itself. Therefore, the sand should be washed as far as possible, especially those with higher requirements for the quality and cleanliness of manufactured sand products need to be washed.

The sand washed by machine has higher quality, and the price is higher. Generally, the price of sand washed by a sand washing machine is 23 % higher than that of sand without washing, and the profit is relatively larger, which is commonly used in the construction industry with good engineering quality, such as building construction, high-quality concrete aggregate, sand for powder wall, etc.

What is the environmental sand washing equipment?

If the production and processing of sand and gravel materials aren’t environmentally friendly, everything is futile. Especially in today’s strict investigation of environmental protection, environmental protection is the key to the entire production line. So, when we choose sand washing equipment, choosing environmentally friendly equipment is vital. At present, there are mainly two types of environmental sand washing machines with high market utilization rates:

1. Environmentally friendly wheel bucket sand washing machine: There are three common types: single wheel, double wheel, and three-wheel, the output of a single wheel is about 50 tons; two wheels of production at about 100 tons; three wheels of production can reach 260 tons, can meet the capacity needs of different users. It has a reasonable structure, low power consumption, low water consumption, less fine sand loss, energy-saving, and environmental protection, and the transmission device of the impeller and water isolation can avoid the damage of the bearing caused by immersion, which can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment.

2. Environmentally friendly spiral sand washing machine: It is a kind of sand washing equipment with high cleanliness, which can deal with river sand and artificial sand under 30mm. Compared with the wheel sand washing machine, it occupies a large area but has high efficiency. With the stable operation and high cleaning degree, the fully enclosed transmission device is adopted, which can not only realize the requirements of environmental protection and green production but also improve the efficiency of sand washing. It is widely used in infrastructure and stone factories.

The sand washing water of the above two sand washing equipment can be recycled and saved water resources, but it is inevitable that there will be fine sand loss in the process of sand washing. To achieve comprehensive environmental protection production, fine sand recovery equipment can be added to cooperate with sand washing. Fine sand recycling machines in the recovery of a large number of fine sand, improve economic benefits, but also achieve green production, much.