Common Malfunctions of Jaw Crushers and Treatments

2022/06/07 15:42:03Hongxing machinery

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Jaw crusher is frequently used as crushing machines in ore production. It is important to determine the cause of failures in the operation of the crusher in a timely and accurate manner. Common failures in jaw crushers and how to deal with them are listed as follows.

1. The machine is working but the bearings are not turning

If you find that the drive part is working but the bearing is not moving after the jaw crusher equipment is turned on, you should check whether the triangle belt is too loose, and readjust the tension of the triangle belt, and also check whether the bearing is damaged, if so, it should be replaced in time; or whether the long tooth gear is broken, if found because of the gear, it should be stopped immediately to replace the gear.

2. The main machine of the crusher suddenly stops running

The main factor is overfeeding, which causes the crusher to overload, thus causing the main machine to suddenly stop running, in this case, you should immediately stop feeding, empty the crushing cavity and find out the cause to deal with it correctly.

3. Abnormal noise or vibration inside the crushing chamber

If the jaw crusher vibrates abnormally during operation, it is possible that the feed size is too large or the feed is not uniform. You should constraint the size of the feed within the specified value and check whether the bolts are loose. In particular, the foot bolts and bearing seat bolts should be tightened.

4. Uneven output size

The jaw crusher crushes the material by squeezing between the two plates of the movable jaw, so when there is uneven material size, We should first check the jaws for wear and tear. If the jaws are found to be worn, the jaws can be overlay welded and patched, or if the wear is particularly severe, it is recommended that the jaws be replaced.

5. The bearing temperature is too high in the working process

If the bearing temperature is too high when working, it is possible that the usual lubrication work is not in place, or the quality of the lubricant used is not guaranteed. If the bearing is damaged due to long-term use, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it will cause more serious consequences.


By summarizing the causes of crusher malfunction, strengthening routine maintenance and repair, fewer breakdowns can occur, and the efficiency of the equipment will be improved as well as the service life of the jaw crusher will be extend.